Sketch Sketch Sketch

So I have been working on my fashion school project. I went to Zaris Fashion and style Academy at Ikeja and really I should have been done by now but like when I started it I wasn’t feeling it at all so I sort of just pushed it aside. All through the past months I’ve been hoping for the right vibe and I got it last night and resumed work on it. I’m still not all for it because even the theme of the whole collection I did not like at all. I want to finish very soon though, so I could maybe submit it next week

Let me give y’all a sneak peak. IMG-20160423-WA0030


So those are my original 20 designs that were cut down to 10, you see the green marker. Below is three looks from the look book, not started putting colour on them though.ย IMG-20160423-WA0034IMG-20160423-WA0038IMG-20160423-WA0036


6 thoughts on “Sketch Sketch Sketch

  1. Nedoux says:

    Your sketches are very nice, much better than my sad looking stick-figures. I took a fashion illustration course a few years ago and I still haven’t improved. I guess practice makes perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚


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