The natural hair of a black woman.

A black woman is born with naturally coily/curly hair. The most common type of hair black women have are 4b and 4c hair types. You see because of the coily/curly pattern of our hair it takes a little more effort to take care of it. Although in recent imes black women have learnt and are now embracing their natural hair, there was a time when relaxers were very common, we used these chemicals to change the pattern of our hair making it look more like the white woman’s hair.

The relaxers make our hair straight and sometimes scanty but when in its natural state it is very thick and full and in most cases look healthier.  While some people have gone back to growing their natural hair, some still use relaxers. Whatever works for you though.

ALWAYS DO YOU.  images (3)images (2)images (1)download (2)download (1)


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