The Met Gala is one very crazy night for fashion. The celebrities flood the red carpet wearing all sorts of designs. A lot of people fail while a lot of people slay. So I bring to you the best dressed, averagely dressed and worst dressed.

Starring with the worst dressed of the night.

Look at all these pictures and the first question that comes to your head is “What were they even thinking?”

There’s really no explanation for this, just a complete disaster.

Now the averagely dressed

These people looked good, they were pretty close to actually nailing it but somehow fell short. Beyonce should have been on the worst dressed but other angles of the dress proved it wasn’t that bad after all.

I don’t seem to understand why Kanye is wearing those jeans. I mean ripped jeans? Really Kanye?

Nicki Nicki, I expected so much more,  so much more.

And the best dressed

Well Zayn just slayed it effortlessly.

Kendall, Jaden and Willow Smith us showing even simplicity does it

Lupita, that hair. We love.

And lastly the Ultimate best dressed

Claire Danes and Karolina Kurkova just absolutely did it for me. I mean look at those, it’s just too perfect. I just couldn’t pick one.

And Rihanna we missed you tonight, would have been really nice to see you slay tonight.


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