Colour Pop ultra satin lip

So I’ve been wanting Colour Pop lippies for the longest time really but they are so scarce to get here in Nigeria and I came across the slay budgeter account and they had this post about kylie Jenner’s lip kit which was what took me to their website but it was out of stock but I found my very much wanted colour pop lippies. Some were out of stock, the ones I got were the last ones of each so I was actually real lucky.  2016-05-11 16.46.42

so I got these three in Lost, Too lips and Mess Around. I would definitely make another post when I try them.

They were really nice to have put in free gifts of a small make up bin and 2 lollipops. I gave the lollipops to my little cousins but that make up bin couldn’t have come at a better time cause I needed something bigger to put my make up brushes in. Where I had them wasn’t doing them any justice. 2016-05-11 16.47.482016-05-11 16.48.14

they also had in a very nice note. You guys should really check their website they have really nice make up products.



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