The perfect lip combo

Hey guys, how are you doing? How is your week? I’m a very big fan of the ombre lip. I think it makes your lip look fuller and more plump, not that I need to make my lips look any fuller. So I recently go this coloured raine lipstick in Mary, it’s a matte metallic lipstick and it’s also a very beautiful colour. I absolutely love it. images (1)

So my friend came over one evening and was holding the lipstick and then she said the colour will be good for an ombre look and my mind immediately went to my Colour pop lipstick in Mess around images (2)

I tried it yesterday and it was perfect. It looked so great it will become one of my go to lip colour choices.

Here is how it looked on me


And you can see my lips look very plump. So you could try it out sometime. I got both lipsticks from


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