Designer Pieces: The Anna Pair by Wana Sambo

So I’ve been MIA thus entire week and that’s because my network had been horrible and just discouraging. I had a couple posts in mind for the week some of which are already expired.

For my post today I’m going to be highlighting a piece from Nigerian designer, Wana Sambo. She calls it “The Anna Pair”, it’s a skirt and blouse set and it comes in black and white. I think it’s a pretty tricky outfit to pull off, I’ve seen it on quite a number of celebrities but I think Beverly Naya really slayed it. Toke Makinwa and Dolapo Oni have also worn this piece but neither of them really pulled it off like Beverly did.

2016-06-25 01.52.54

The Anna Pair by Wana Sambo. I think it’s a rely beautiful piece if you can style it properly

Beverly Naya slaying it so beautifully, although she didn’t pair it with the top of the Anna Pair. She used another blouse from a Wana Sambo piece

Dolapo Oni, Toke Makinwa wearing the Anna Pair.


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