Currently I am

I have not made much posts these past weeks, I have been busy with quite a few things. I decided to do a currently I am post which is unrelated to fashion  and all just a general post.

Missing my bestfriends, I saw one of them yesterday,we spent the day together but I’m missing her already. The other one I saw last summer and hoping she’ll come to Lagos this summer.

Wishing life was a lot easier and that I have accomplished more of my goals.

Wearing shorts and a tank top, spending all day at home so I’m wearing the most comfortable thing I can.

Listening to Young girls by Bruno Mars, basically just listening to Bruno Mars right now. I’m a huugeee Bruno fan

Admiring Ifeoma of whowhatfab she’s an amazing blogger and easily one of my favourites

2016-07-09 12.33.02

Feeling really good, I just have all these things in my head and they are amazing stuff.

Appreciating my parents, they such amazing people and I can’t thank God enough for making them my parents

Loving the Desiree Iyama collection, she’s such a beautiful, creative young woman and her fashion brand is just amazing. You should check the collection out DesireeIyama

Watching I’ve really been following The Voice Nigeria, amazing voices and talents. You should watch it every Sunday by 7pm on Africa Magic

Reading eyes wide open by Ted Dekker, he’s such an amazing writer. His book, Burn is literally the best book I’ve read in all my years on this earth and believe me I’ve read hundreds.


Craving really not craving anything rn

Not Sure of some of my future plans, have so many options in my head I don’t know which to go with.

Determined to be as successful as I could ever be

Regretting having put so much trust in certain people, tbh people aren’t really reliable

Anticipating OITNB season 5, yes I know season 4 was released just a few weeks back but I need season 5 already.

Happy about my life in general, at the beginning of this year I was so confused about everything but I seem to finding my path now.

Irritated by some kind of people, who just disrespect you and feel no ways about it. I mean I hate it so much when someone disrespects me and would probably not associate with the person anymore.

Inspired by McCoy, he’s a really talented designer. He went to the same fashion school that I did but a few years earlier and he’s been doing so well for himself. He won the NNTD (Nigeria’s Next Top Designer) competition from the just concluded AFWN that held on July 1st to 3rd.

Planning to rebrand myself, redesign my blog which is actually in process already.




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