Colour Pop Ultra Metallic Lip

Happy new week, so colour pop recently released a new line of lipsticks and I’m so here for it. I fell in love with metallic lipsticks when I bought the coloured raine lipstick in Mary, I absolutely loved it and the moment I heard colour pop released a metallic lip line I’ve just been thinking of where I could get it from. There are only four shades available now. Ultra-Metallic-man_eater_1024x1024

This one is Man eater, it’s a shimmering rose gold colour.


3-way, according to their website it’s a plummy pink with gold sparkle.


Kween, This is a burnt red with tons of gold glitter



So there it is, those are the four shades available right now. If you see any website or store in nigeria where I can get it please tell me in the comment box, it’ll be very appreciated.

Have a fun and amazing week everyone.





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