My vintage shirt

Hey guys, so I kind of have posts for everyday of this week so stick around. I should have made this post earlier but I’ve just been occupied. How has the week been?

Anyway I went to a close friend’s house last week and took some pieces from her wardrobe, one of which was a vintage shirt I wore yesterday.


I really love vintage shirts but I don’t actually have much, I plan on really filling my closet with some very soon. I wore it with a grey skirt and nude sandals, accesorized with a black box bag (that I wrote about some time ago, see post here ), a choker necklace and white floral earrings. I got the necklace and earrings from my best friend.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO


Shirt | Friend’s wardrobe

Skirt | got it from my sister

Bag and sandals | my dad got it for me

Necklace and earrings | from my best friend

So basically nothing I wore that day did I get with my money.


Face |  LA Girl Primer, LA Girl pro concealer in cocoa and mahogany, Mary Kay medium coverage foundation in bronze 607, House of Tara contour kit (dark), LA Girl blush collection in Spice, Maybelline powder.

Eyes | Air woman brow pencil, LA Girl eyeshadow pallete in smoky

Lips | Nabi lip liner (L02 brown), Colour pop ultra satin lip in Too lips



6 thoughts on “My vintage shirt

  1. Nedoux says:

    I love the print of your shirt. 🙂

    I’ve caught the vintage bug too, I bought a few shirts at Mente de Moda yesterday. The quality of fabric that they used in making clothes back then is far better than what’s used these days.


    1. Fola Oseni says:

      Quality of fabric, should we also talk about how the textile industry is non existent here making everything more expensive.
      I’m not exactly a vintage girl but it doesn’t hurt to own one or two pieces


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