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Hey guys, I hope you had a lovely weekend. The past week was a very busy week which is why I made no posts, so there’s really not much here just didn’t want to leave this place blank for too long. It was my church’s annual convention so I was in church literally everyday, morning till evening.


Yeah so that’s a view of our temple at the convention ground. Was really tiring going to and fro everyday but equally fulfilling.

Isn’t North so cute? And those curls just absolutely gorgeous.

So Nedu had her sewing workshop on Saturday, July 23. I was there and it was a fun experience, although I can sew I learnt a few things. I didn’t know how to make a gathered or pleated skirt without a pattern and now I do, lol I don’t know how to make anything without a pattern, also learnt a new way of hemming.

Something came to my mind today about people coming at designers for the price of their clothing. It’s annoying sometimes, we all know things are hard in Nigeria, the economy is bad.  The textile factory here is dead and a lot of designers go out to have their fabric produced. Have these people also even asked themselves “what is this designer’s target market?”   “Am I among this designer’s target market?”  A lot of designers put a lot of work into every design

I’m sleep writing this post honestly, if you see any errors pardon me please.


Me feeling all cute with that pink snapchat filter they’ve now taken off. They need to bring it back soon, it’s my favourite filter and my heart broke the day I realised it was removed.

Who is going for Konamii on Saturday?  Say hi in the comment box.

Want to know what products I used on my lips in the featured image? Click here

Have a lovely week. I love to hear your thoughts and opinions, drop your comments in the comments box. xoxo




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