Mini makeup haul

Hey guys, how are you all? So I’ve not really made posts of late and all but I try. Yesterday was a very annoying day but today I’m here to give you all about my mini makeup haul from last week. I got everything from GlamBeautyJay

So I got two of Colour pop’s metallic lipsticks which I wrote about here, a LA Girl concealer in dark cocoa, a LA Girl setting spray and primer and a Taos liquid lipstick in gold coast.

2016-07-29 15.05.422016-07-29 15.04.11

So I’ll give you details about each of them.

LA Girl Primer

2016-07-29 15.00.40

This is a repurchased item.  It works very well for me and I love it and it’s not pricey. It costs N2500, compared to other primers I think it’s a very affordable price.

LA Girl setting spray 

2016-07-29 15.05.00

It has a matte finish and combining it with the primer it gives your make up  very fabulous look and it lasts all day. I love it and it’s also a repurchased item. It also cost N2500.

LA Girl Pro Conceal

2016-07-29 15.02.29

This has been the go to concealer in the beauty world for a while now, they have so many shades it’s almost impossible to not find a shade that suits you. This one is in Dark Cocoa and I am very dark skinned, it’s almost my skin shade. The only one that was darker for me was Mahogany which I think was discontinued ad I never found it anywhere after I bough it the first time. It was pretty heartbreaking. The only other concealer I’ve used was Mary Kay and this just worked better for me because it’s closer to my skin colour.

Colour Pop metallic lipstick

2016-07-29 15.04.392016-07-29 15.03.00

I was so hyped for this, I fell in love with metallics after I got Coloured raine’s Mary. Sadly this fell short of my expectations and I don’t think I’ll be using them much.  I’m not in love with the formula and all that gold sparkle in it almost over powers the lipstick colour. I got it in Zebra and 3 way and I think they are both great colours all that gold sparkle just ruined it for me and I must say it is quite frustrating to rub off.

Taos Liquid lipstick in Gold Coast 

2016-07-29 15.03.392016-07-29 15.01.14

This is a really deep brown colour with a matte finish and I absolutely love it, being really dark skinned finding a suitable brown colour can become a chore. Most times I just use brown liner and Kylie released her lipstick collection and True Brown K was among the first, it looked really nice but one the stress of getting and the price, I’m just like never mind. Taos Cosmetics is a Nigerian brand and I came across their page on instagram and I knew I had to get that brown.  I didn’t get it right away but now that I have, I don’t regret it at all.

2016-07-29 15.00.54

So there you have it, all the details on my mini makeup haul.

TGIF!! Who doesn’t love the weekend? I love to read your comments, drop your comments in the comment box and have a lovely weekend xoxo 





15 thoughts on “Mini makeup haul

  1. Danie Bature says:

    I don’t think I am a fan of metallic lipsticks too, all that extra “shine shine” for what? And you’re right, L.A. girl pro concealer is the ish now. Very nice mini haul, need a brown lipstick in my life as well.


    1. Fola Oseni says:

      Powder types really confuse me lol. The powders I have used though is Sleek translucent powder which is really really nice, I have also used Maybelline and this one didn’t last cause it broke and it didn’t fall or anything then I also have elf high definition powder.

      Liked by 1 person

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