Hello August

Happy new month, I pray that this new month brings good things for us all. The year is flying by pretty fast and it’s amazing. July went by really swift and some times it feels like everything is just going and it’s a bit hard to keep up. I’m at a pretty difficult time in my life and have some life changing and important decisions to make but I’m just pushing on and trusting God to lead the way for me.

2016-08-03 22.59.29



I’m looking forward to great things in this month off August and I’m hoping I’ll be able to implement a lot of the things that I have in mind. I feel like I am being held back and restricted by the people who want the best for me and actually feel that they are helping me. You know people feel like they know what’s best for you but maybe they don’t.

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I’ve had all these clothes designs in my head and fabric but my machine has been giving me so many problems, I’m at the highest height of frustration. I’m thinking maybe I should get an industrial machine but where’s the money and light, lol. I have an interesting post coming up and I’ll probably take pictures for it tomorrow so stay tuned for it.

So the justrite supermarket in my area opened their bakery recently and they have this pizza roll that is just heaven really, their burger is trash though.

2016-08-03 22.58.14


I love to read your thoughts and comments, so kindly drop a comment in the comments box. xoxo. Have a lovely week ( I know it is almost finished ) and weekend. ย 





15 thoughts on “Hello August

  1. AyoT says:

    Hmmm….most times we feel we should have a telescope with which we can see our future and that should guide our current decisions. I have felt that way on several occasions. Unfortunately, ‘oyinbos’ neva invent that device. So, what can guide us:

    1. Our Vision for our lives. Alignment of the different options with one’s vision is a good criteria in decision making. One can say, if this doesn’t help me to achieve my vision or if it does not enrich my experiences, then out….to the left, to the left

    2. The estimated payoff of each option. One should look at the positives and negatives of each option and select the option with the highest positive or lowest negative payoff, all other things being equal)

    3. The Holy Spirit. If you are a spiritually sensitive individual, it is that voice deep within you that connects with your Maker. On the other hand, there are those who God has given the gift of prophecy and powerful spiritual insights who one can approach for guidance

    What we are today is a cumulative result of all our past decisions. What we will be in the future is a direct consequence of decisions taken today.Therefore, due care should be taken in making decisions with life-long impact.

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    1. Fola Oseni says:

      Thank you so much Ayo
      It really means a lot. I will definitely read this again and use them in making these decisions that I have to make. I really appreciate it, I already feel like I’ve made some mistakes and I’m really trying to make the best of every thing. Thank you.


  2. Nedoux says:

    Hi Fola,

    How are you? I admire the honesty in this post, thank you for sharing.

    Sometimes, we need to find the courage to separate the gold from the dirt when it comes to people who want the best for us. It’s not always easy to break free of their influence but it’s sometimes necessary.

    I barely bother with my electric machine these days, electricity is so unstable. My manual one is due for servicing though, the cord has expanded which makes sewing quite stressful.

    I wish you the very best this August. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: I know I owe you a response, regarding the 2-piece sleeve, my sincere apologies, I’ll get to it.


    1. Fola Oseni says:

      Hi Nedu
      I don’t know what happened to mine the needle is stuck, it doesn’t go up and down.
      You know there are some people you can’t break free from, rather let them just see your side of things.
      It’s alright, I’ll be expecting it. Thanks


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