Hello September

Happy new month guys, how is everyone?  This post will be a bit a lengthy so sit back , relax and enjoy reading this. This post is basically going to be about how August went and what I am looking forward to September. You can read my post on my expectations for August here.

August was a bit challenging but I made it through and I had some interesting experiences in August like the TBP bloggers brunch, you can read about it here and my day with Beth Fayemi which I will be writing about in this post.

I’m excited about this month, looking forward to pretty exciting things and I will also be attending the CAG Bloggers Forum, say hi if you’ll be attending. I don’t know if they still have spaces left to RSVP but you could check their instagram Coloursandgrey


So I met Beth at the TBP bloggers brunch and she had this really lovely flower crown which I decided to get from her, she has a clothing brand where you can get the flower crown but she has not fully launched but you can order for them, check out the instagram page Beth Collection. I was going to take pictures of the flower crown today but got too busy. We met up at the mall and we decided to check out Hans and rené and make a review of it, check her review here

Processed with VSCO
What I got.  Biscuit flavoured icecream and chocolate cupcake
What Beth got, pistachio flavoured ice cream and vanilla cupcake

I’m writing this post with my phone and it is all shades of frustrating ah. The ice cream is a bit pricy, I got a scoop for N800 and the cupcake for N600. Beth’s ice cream was a special so she got hers for N850 and her cupcake the same price as mine. The ice cream and cupcake were a bit too sweet for me and I couldn’t finish either.

Processed with VSCO

She took this beautiful picture of me. My first official off guard picture 💃💃


Got these pictures from Beth’s blog, didn’t even cross my mind to take a picture of the place.

I got to the mall before Beth and decided to pick up a few things before she got there, I bought a LA Girl powder as I didn’t have powder anymore, Classic foundation, I’ll probably do a review of these two later on as I haven’t ever used either of them. I also got Argan oil facial wipes, then went to Mr Price and got a cap, earrings and necklace.

The props in these pictures are castor oil from kinky apothecary and body mist from kellecious fragrance that were in my goody bag from the blogger point bloggers brunch.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to drop your comments in the comments box. Have you visited hans and rené? Let me know about your experience in the comments box. 💞💞



17 thoughts on “Hello September

    1. Fola Oseni says:

      Hi Sogie
      Happy new month, I write some of my post with my phone but recently I’ve been doing most if them with a laptop. It took me longer than it would have with a laptop.

      Thanks for reading


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