Currently I am

Hii, so I had network struggles throughout this week, I had to switch back to MTN, GLO is just struggles, lol.

It’s been about two months since I made my first currently I am tag, you can read it here and I decided to do another one.

Missing nothing and no one, oh I actually miss my Franck Olivier perfume my dad gave to me last month. Someone took it 😑


Wishing I was mad rich, lmao. I need money, money that could buy everything I want and more, you know maybe the iPhone 7 that was just released.


Wearing a short printed kaftan

Listening to Russian Roulette by Rihanna, yeah I know it’s an old one but it’s been on replay and I’m just really loving it.


Admiring nothing and no one

Feeling indifferent

Appreciating God for life and everything in general

Loving my new bag my mom got me on Thursday

Watching America’s got talent and I can do that.  I’m a big fan of America’s talent and stay up everyday till 12:30 to watch it and it’s all my dad’s fault. Our dstv subscription expired and then he didn’t pay for the bouquet we pay for. I can do that is a show I just started watching, shows on Mnet Family. It has 6 celebrities that pair themselves and have to imitate some extraordinary act. There is Joe Jonas, Ciara, Alan Ritchson, Cheryl Burke, Jeff Dye and Nicole (can’t spell her surname)

Reading Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers, I read it earlier this year, loved it and didn’t have any new books to read so I decided to read it again.

Processed with VSCO

Craving icecream and that brownie I got from Hans and rené the other day

Determined to invest my time and energy into productive things.

Regretting nothing

Anticipating LFDW *dancing*. I’m excited for it and literally can’t wait


Yeah, so that’s all. Happy Sunday y’all

Don’t forget to drop your thoughts and opinions in the comments box, would love to know what you think 💞💞. Have a lovely week ahead 😘







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