Classic matifying liquid foundation

He guys, how are we? Well today is CAG’s bloggers forum, I’m guessing the event has come to an end now. I was to be there but sadly couldn’t make it, not happy about that but it is what it is.

Anyway this post is about the classic liquid foundation I got some weeks back and said I’ll do a review on here


I first heard of the brand from a friend who recommended their lipsticks. I had run out of foundation and didn’t find the one I use at that store so I decided to try this.



It blends very well and is great for my oily skin. However, it has a really strong smell which I absolutely do not like and will be the reason I won’t ever repurchase it. I got it in shade 607 which is a bit lighter than my skin tone and I use it for highlighting.


Thanks for reading. Leave your comments in the comments box. Will you purchase it? Let me know 💕💕 Have a lovely weekend ❤️


12 thoughts on “Classic matifying liquid foundation

  1. cholescarlit says:

    It’s not bad at all really , but sometimes some foundations could affect your skin type I have bad oily skin so I use oil free based products I’m really careful but I’m sure this would work out for you . I heard classic liquid foundation are nice with nice finish also .

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  2. Beth says:

    I actually heard about classic foundation on a blogger’s blog. I was initially using L’Oréal foundation but when the foundation finished and the dollar rate is not smiling at all, it was expensive I decided to try out classic foundation but I got the matte foundation which blends well and I’m really impressed with the foundation.

    My Vogue Life

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