My Cafe Neo Experience

Hey how have you all been? It’s fashion week, I was at the venue yesterday but I didn’t actually attend the show but I will be there on Saturday and maybe Friday. Anyway so I’ve heard a lot about about Cafe neo and read about it on Thonia and Ifeoma’s blogs.


Last week I went out with a friend and things didn’t go as planned so on my way home I decided to visit Cafe Neo. I went to the one at e-center in Yaba.  It is small and cozy, loved the decor. I really really love coffee and I was looking forward to this. They had cold and hot drinks, it was a hot day and tired me went for a cold drink I had an iced caramel and chocolate cake.


I loved the cake, I really love cake and I was impressed, the texture and taste was perfect. However, I think the portion is large, I couldn’t finish it. They should probably reduce the portion and price. The iced caramel wasn’t exceptional, for me it was just basic.


They had wifi and charging spaces which is really nice. I bought a travel mug and it came with a free drink, so I got a frappuccino and I drank it later when I was home and I loveed it. I preferred it to the iced caramel, it was just amazing.


Took some of the pictures off Thonia’s blog, it didn’t cross my mind to take pictures of the place and all.

Dont forget to leave your comments in the comments box. Will you visit Cafe Neo or have you been there? Let me know . Have an amazing weekend 💕💕



14 thoughts on “My Cafe Neo Experience

  1. WSG says:

    You’re like the fifth blogger doing a review of the Cafe Neo at Yaba I should pop in for the cake not really a coffee fan. It’s a crime to say they should reduce the portions of the cake ooo ehn what reduce? It’s better if they vary the sizes and prices sha because me I can die for cake. The Frappuccino sounds delishh too. Great post 👍

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