Favorite collections from LFDW

Hey guys, we’re heading into a new week and I hope you’re all great. LFDW was concluded about a week ago and I’m bringing my favorite collections from the show. I only got to attend the last day of the show and it was fun.

The fashion industry in Nigeria has really improved and there were a lot of impressive and amazing designs on the runway and I’m sharing with you my top 5 collections from LFDW.

Andrea Iyamah


This was definitely my favorite, her collection was really beautiful and we should definitely be on the look out for Nigerian brands like this one. I just loved everything about her collection.

Bridget Awosika 


What I loved most about this collection was the color scheme, I really loved the colors and the creativity in the designs. The collection was beautiful and very appealing to the eye.

Orange Culture 


Yesss, I’ve been in love with Orange Culture since the first time I heard about it. How they push the boundaries of men’s clothing in terms of colors, cuts and more is simply amazing. The creativity that goes into the designs are exceptional.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri 


No designer can take the love I have for Ejiro, she’s really one of the best designers here in Nigeria I remember when I was on fashion school and she came around, I was star struck. Her designs are beautiful and she didn’t disappoint with her SS17 collection either.



I loved the denim and the chill aesthetic behind the collection. The denim iro and buba is brilliant. I had actually never heard of the brand before but I’ll definitely be looking out for more from them.

As Christmas and New year is approaching I guess y’all have an idea of what will be a perfect gift.

So that’s it, what are your favorite collections from LFDW let me know in the comments box. Did you attend any of the shows? Have a lovely week ahead 💕💕




10 thoughts on “Favorite collections from LFDW

  1. Brenda's Couch says:

    My friend who attended it came and didn’t let me hear word about LFDW… Attended that of last year though. The designs are superb and I know Nigeria has come a long way in fashion and design.


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  2. labakeany says:

    Lfdw totally rocked, still bumped I missed out.. I love Bridget Awosika collection #detailed cuts #colour slays.. Andrea designs were awesome. Maxhosa slay on tassels and fringes, the models killed it with their highlight makeup. .lol iro and buba denim 💯💯

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