My Favorite Drugstore Brand

Hey guys, long time no posts. How are you all? Only two days into this working week and I’ve been through two weeks worth of stress. I value my sleep more these days.


Anyway I’ll be gushing about LA Girl today. Their products are really good and of great quality, makes me wonder on what basis do we name brands “drugstore brands”. Is it the price tag or the quality of the product? Or are there other factors?  I planned to write a post on drug store brands last month but let’s just focus on LA girl today.

They have a wide range of products from concealer, eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes, lipsticks and so on and just recently released a foundation which I will get soon or you can just get me for Christmas *wink*

Blush and Highliter kit in Spice.


What I love most about this kit is the highlighter, believe me the highlighter is the truth. I’ve only used one highliter apart from this one so I don’t really have anything to say about it in comparison to other brands but it is very good.

Eyeshadow in Smoky


They have 4 different eyeshadow palettes and I still plan to get the nudes palette. I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows and the dark and subtle colors of this palette is what attracted me to it. I use the matte brown which is basically finished for the base of my eyeshadow. I mainly use the brown, blue and black colors. It is pretty pigmented.

Matte flat finish pigment gloss


When I really stepped into the world of makeup these were the lip colors I invested in. I have six shades of this. Fluer, Obsess, Frisky, Rebel, Stunner and Blackcurrant. Rebel was my initial favorite Shade but I use Blackcurrant and Stunner more.

Matte flat velvet lipstick 


This was an impulsive buy and I’ve honestly never used it since I got it but I’ll get around to it some day. It’s in the Shade Poetic.



Ive used their eye liners and lip liner but it’s only this piece that I own now. They have this glide on eyeliner that I really loved that I keep telling myself I’ll buy again. I got this particular piece from TBP’s goody bag I wrote about here

HD Pro concealer


Yess! To their most popular product. Basically every MUA and you tuber was using this concealer. I own this concealer in Dark cocoa and Mahogany. I haven’t been able to find Mahogany anywhere since I first bought it. Painful something.

Pro prep primer and Pro setting spray

LA Girl primer and setting spray

They work very well and will keep your makeup in place for hours. They both cost about N2500 each.

They have a bunch of other products I’m yet to try. You can get LA Girl products on a bunch of online beauty stores in Nigeria or check their website but I’m not really sure they deliver to Nigeria.


Have you used any LA Girl products? How do you feel about the products and the brand? Leave your comments in the comments box. I love to read them. Have a lovely week ahead 💕💕


12 thoughts on “My Favorite Drugstore Brand

  1. WanShyGirl says:

    Wow! They should make you an ambassador lol… I’ve not tried any of their products but I’ve read great reviews I’d love to try their HD Concealers someday. I still wonder why some products are tagged “Drugstore products”. I guess it’s a brand and maybe price thing.
    Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC and Co are obviously not in this category but maybe Avon, Marykay and Color pop fall under this category. I’m just guessing tho 😁😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fola Oseni says:

      Lmaoo help me tell them o. I’ll be a worthy ambassador
      Funny thing is that Colour pop isn’t labeled a drug store brand but it falls under the same price range has LA Girl just a little more expensive so I really don’t know but I don’t think Mary Kay is

      Liked by 1 person

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