Yes my title is in all caps cause I’m shouting. Happy New Year guys, I mean 2016 really went by fast and it was a tough year for a lot and the country in general buy we’re glad we got through it.


Am I the only who noticed that the “new year, new me” posts seem to have gone out of style this year. I doubt that I have ever said it though, but I guess we all have expectations and goals when entering a new year or even a new month but the new year seems like a fresh start and you want to end the year with a list of things you’ve achieved and that’s great.

I actually have a list of things I want to do all in the year and I’m hoping I’ll have checked it all off by the end of the year.  Even though there’s one that I don’t have much hope with but we’ll see how it goes. So do you guys always have a checklist for each year or you know maybe goals?

Let me talk about what 2016 was like for me, I had a lot of lows in 2016 honestly but I’ve been making major decisions to make 2017 much better. I started blogging again in 2016, yes I originally started blogging in 2015 but was too busy to keep up with it so I deleted that blog. I think I mentioned it here. All in all I think 2016 was okay and hoping 2017 will be okay.


When I originally started writing this post, I had so much in my head, then I got busy and I’ve forgotten most it.

I really hope to make a lot of new friends this year, I should probably add that to my list. So I actually wanted to write a post on Christmas day about Christmas traditions about and how I’ve spent Christmas over the years but I got too busy, sadly the idea came to me while in church and you know how Christmas day goes.

I will be a lot more consistent this year, cause I know the last few months in 2016 posts were really not much but I’m working on that and making sure that I do better this year.

To all the amazing bloggers I met this year and the ones that became friends. BethThoniaPraiseOyinSogieAlex and many

Happy New year!!! 💕💕💕. Welcome to 2017, I pray that this year goes well for all of us and we only have good things to say about it at the end of the year. Do leave your comments in the comments box. 


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