CBIR | Swimsuit – James Patterson

So let me fill you in, CBIR means Current Book I’m Reading, didn’t want to write it in full cause then the title would have been too long. How are you guys?


So yeah this post is about a book I’m reading, Swimsuit by James Patterson. I’ve actually read this book before in 2014 and I decided to read it again and since it had been so long I read it, it feels like I’m reading it for the first time. I love reading novels and I read mostly Christian fiction and crime novels. Lori Wick is my favourite Christian fiction writer and James Patterson is my favourite Crime writer and Dan Brown is also really good.

Believe me when I tell you I’ve read well over 50 novels and I hate reading books online, it’s not just the same has having the book and seeing it. It’s just very different.

The book from one angle is about a psychopathic killer who basically kills people for the thrill and the fun and for money, he makes videos of his victims who are usually female and send them to this kind of secret society who pay him money for the videos. The book starts with him kidnapping a young model, Kim McDaniels who traveled to Hawaii with about two other models for a photoshoot for a magazine. He calls her parents tells them he kidnapped her and of course did not demand ransom and initially had no plans of killing her but it didnt take long for the news about her being missing to get out and it became a media frenzy. Newspapers, media outlets and all are sending representatives to the location to be able to capture and tell the story directly. Then the members of the society demanded for more and so he killed her.


Her parents were in Hawaii already and had befriended one of the reporters, Ben Hawkins who introduced them to a private investigator cause they weren’t pleased with the work of the police. This psychopath killer had three personalities/identities, as the killer he was Henri, then a reporter for a newspaper that didn’t exist as Charles Rollins, then as the cab driver that was hired by the magazine to drive her parents around as Marco. Her parents were in contact with her killer everyday and had no idea and their reporter friend has seen and spoken to him but had no idea.


I really wanted to make this as short as possible, he spoke to another of the models using his Charles Rollins identity, spent time with her and she spent the night with him and he killed her in the morning.

After Kim’so body is found everyone returns back to their respective lives, oh he killed her parents also. He then goes to LA and threatens the reporter Ben Hawkins to write his story in a novel or he would kill him and his girlfriend Amanda. Ben does all he can but at some point he got fed up and decided to kill him and in his quest to kill him he realised that he only wanted him (Ben) to write the book because he wanted to expose the members of the society and move on with his life somewhere else. That eventually happened but it was before the book was published. He (the killer) eventually died and Ben went to live in a remote village with Amanda because you could never be sure.


Have a great week ahead ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


9 thoughts on “CBIR | Swimsuit – James Patterson

  1. mzjolaade says:

    Wjen i saw d title, i tot u wanted to review a swimsuit collection or sumfin lol, u got me der. I love dat U’re sharing dis, makes me feel lyk I’ve read d book too ๐Ÿ‘ so pls kip sharing. I don’t do thrillers so I’d never v read dis book if i saw/had it but i love dat u shared it anyway

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