A Beach Shoot 

Hey guys, how are you doing ? I never really know how to start posts, the first paragraph is always just filled with nonsense and irrelevant things.


Anyway I had a shoot at the beach with Oyinlola  and I had so much fun, it was also my first time at the beach. The shoot was for a series on her blog so you should go check it. She schools in the USA and came to Nigeria for the holidays. When she told me about the shoot I was excited about it.


So the photographer she initially contacted decided to just ghost on us the day before the shoot, but fortunately we found someone else. We coincidentally both decided to wear Ankara for the shoot.


We all met at ICM and went to the beach from there. I wasn’t immediately comfortable with the water, it was my first time but eventually I relaxed and it was a fun shoot.


We rode a horse and despite what the pictures say I wasn’t happy about it at all, I just wanted to get off that horse.


All in all it was fun, Oyinlola is really sweet and funny.

This was my favourite picture of Oyinlola

Have a beautiful week ahead 💕💕  leave your comments in the comments box. ❤



13 thoughts on “A Beach Shoot 

  1. thoniabankz says:

    Wow, it’s actually weird hearing that it was your first time at the beach. I’ve been to the beach but you see the whole horse thingy, I’m lowkey scared of it but would gather the courage to. Nice post babes and it’s so cool knowing you guys rocked Ankara.

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  2. mzjolaade says:

    Awwwnawwwn, dis was fun reading, love d ankaa concept 👏 I’ve never bin to d beach so when u were lyk dis z ur first tym i was lyk awwwn. I love water so m sure dat wouldn’t b a bother, not so sure about d horse tho.

    Liked by 1 person

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