Making the most of your favourite destination cities

Hey guys, as the title of my posts suggests I’ll be highlighting two cities that we have probably all thought of visiting at some point or even live in, in a different perspective has it has been majorly perceived.

I’ll be highlighting Las Vegas and Lagos and having a great time in both cities without breaking some certain goals that we have set for ourselves.


Photo credit: D.Roberts

Lagos is located in Nigeria, Africa.  It is the busiest city in Nigeria and there’s a lot to experience if you’re not a regular in Lagos. In food, there’s so much great spots from 5 start restaurants, fast food eateries, local canteens, coffee shops, dessert places, food hawkers it’s so easy to fall off your fitness and weight loss goals.
However there has been a major rise of healthy food spots in Lagos recently, juice bars and the likes.
Some of which are :
The Nuli Juice company
Fab juice bar
Smoothie Express
Earth blend juice lab
So Fresh
Eat clean cafe
With this healthy food places to go to, it’s easy to stick go your diet and eat clean meal plans.

This personally connects with me cause I’m joining the fit fam family 💃💃. I have visited Nuli Juice and Fab juice bar and from my experience they are both great and I love them and I’ll have a review up for Nuli Juice very soon.


Las Vegas is a big vacation spot and when you hear Las Vegas you probably start calculating all the money you have to spend in your head. Well what if I told you, you don’t have to break the bank to have fun in Las Vegas? Well yes you can and I’m here to tell you how

The timing is really important, you want to go at the time when the city is calm, around July, August. 

Avoid cabs and use public transport, you might want to check out the monorail

If you’re going to gamble, bring out only the money you’re willing to spend and nothing more

Try out free and inexpensive activities like; The Eiffel Tower experience, lion habitat, Gondola ride, big Apple coaster, circus acts and so much more.

While road tripping might be cheap you might find great deals on local airlines, try to find package deals that include a hotel accommodation

Hotels further away from the centre of the city might be less expensive but consider the money that would be spent on transportation.

Once you’ve found the best prices you can, take a look at the deals on where you can find even better prices on things like hotels, experiences, shows and tours.

I feel this doesn’t have to just apply to Lagos and Las Vegas only, when going on vacations or visiting a new city it’ll be really nice to do a little research on the city and find out how to really enjoy it more.

I do hope this was an interesting read for you and if you plan on visiting Las Vegas don’t forget to take me along. Leave your comments in the comments box 💕💕 and have a fab week. ❤


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