Nuli Juice Review

Hey guys, how are you? I finally visited Nuli Juice, so I’ve really wanted to visit Nuli Juice even before their former location was demolished. On valentine’s day I was finally finally able to go, so here I am to give you all the deets.


So I walked into the place and I loved the decor, actually surprised that I loved the white walls but I guess everything just came together. One thing however was I walked in and there were like 3 staff there and none of them said anything or welcomed me and I was like the only customer there, they just continued their conversation like no one walked in. *eyes rolling*


About 5 minutes later one of them approached me with the menu and I just glanced through it while waiting for my friend. My friend showed up and we ordered for a feisty chickey salad and a feisty chicken wrap, I had the wrap while my friend had the salad. We also had juices to go, I had the spice root and my friend had the simple life.


Apart from salads, wraps and natural juices they also have smoothies, oatmeal, waffles and stuff. I would definitely visit there again. I loved my wrap, it was really amazing. I had a taste of my friend’s salad and it had this sour taste, I guess the dressing and I didn’t really like it.


I really loved the salad bowl and the tray, there was just something about it. You know you can pick up Nuli natural juices from shoprite stores.


Feisty chicken wrap – N1500

Feisty chicken salad – N1500

Spice root juice(250ml) – N500

The simple life juice(250ml) – N500

All in all, I loved the place and overall I would rate it 8.5/10


I hope you loved reading this, let me know what you think in the comments box 💕💕. Happy new month ❤


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