Currently I am

Currently I am thoughts of Fola

Hey guys. I hope you’re doing well. This is my third “currently I am post”, you can read the first here  and the second here. Here it goes

Currently I am thoughts of Fola

Missing uh someone special? Maybe

Wishing I’m not wishing anything right now, what’s to wish?

Wearing shorts and an oversized t-shirt

Listening to Ed Sheeran’s Divide album and Shawn Mendes’ illuminate. I’m really in love with this two albums and Perfect is my favourite off Divide and Mercy is my favourite off illuminate

Admiring a lot of things and a lot of people actually

Feeling I don’t actually know what I’m feeling right now, I just know I need bae

Appreciating God, I’ve just been more appreciative of God lately and really recognising what he does for me everyday.

Loving myself. You know, self love.

Watching Secrets and Lies, it’s a crime, murder mystery series and it has two seasons, 10 episodes each and believe me you need to be watching it also. It’s just so thrilling and there are like plot twists, secrets it’s just a really interesting series. It’s the first month comedy series to have me so in love. Just here chilling for season 3

Currently I am thoughts of Fola

Reading Every now and then by Karen Kingsbury, I’m on a book challenge with Vincent and even though I picked the number of books I don’t think I’ll make it.

Craving fizzy drinks, been trying to stay off it for a while and I’m actually doing good. Fitfam yh, have to shed some pounds

Not sure of so many things tbh, life has a lot of uncertainties and if I’m being less deep, not sure what I’ll wear tomorrow. Daily problem.

Determined to make really great progress with my life this year, just seems like I’ve been in the same phase for a long while.

Regretting I should probably remove this one, cause I don’t think I regret anything. I mean except it’s not having that slice of heavenly pizza, you know stuff like that.

Anticipating BGT and AGT this year, I don’t know why I find those shows interesting but believe me they are. If you don’t watch them then you should start this year.

Happy about is it weird that I can’t think of something I’m happy about?

Irritated by if you know me well, you know I get irritated by every single thing. I don’t know, so many things just tick me off

Inspired by 

I hope you enjoyed reading this cause I enjoyed writing, please do leave your comments below 💕💕 and have a beautiful weekend. 



15 thoughts on “Currently I am

    1. Fola Oseni says:

      It’s funny that I wrote this post yesterday and today I have another favorite. Secrets and lies yess, definitely didn’t expect the twist at the end but I guess that’s the highlight of the show anyway.

      Thanks for reading ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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