Colour Themed | Green with envy

Yaay! My first color themed post. Green with envy because that’s the only phrase I know associated with the colour green. I’ve actually thought of writing a colour themed post a lot. Now green is not my favourite colour, in fact it used to be my worst colour along with pink but I have a new found love for it.

Colour themed thoughts of fola

So I went on Pinterest to get me some inspiration and green is actually a beautiful colour, from fashion, beauty to decor. One shade of green I’ve always loved is olive green. There are various shadways of green, sage, apple, lima, leaf, emerald, forest and olive to name a few. My least favourite would have to be lima and leaf.



Green is a very common color in fashion I would say. I think it’s worn a lot and depending on the shade it adds a bit of va va voom


Colour themed thoughts of fola


Green works when going for a Smoky eyeshadow look and even in lipsticks. I prefer the darker shades of green, like emerald for a lip colour. I have a metallic green from Taos Cosmetics and I love it very much.

Colour themed thoughts of fola

For hair, it’s quite daring and I don’t think anyone could really just pull it off.  If you’re bold enough you definitely should.


Colour themed thoughts of fola

I’ve had this interest in interior decoration lately and I think this is where I love the colour green most. I love the way it fits into spaces and complements the room. It’s quite refreshing.

I don’t understand how I’ve hated green this while but I’m glad that I finally see the light.  It’s a really beautiful colour and I’ll definitely look out for green pieces.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please leave your comments in the comments box. ❤❤


10 thoughts on “Colour Themed | Green with envy

  1. labakeany says:

    Go green !!!! I love the hair shade, a friend has been begging I do neon green hair tips, I don’t think I’m that bold yet. For the love of fur, more love when fur comes in shades like green. I once saw a purple one and I still haven’t recovered from that feeling. Thanks for sharing

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