Life Lately

Life lately thoughts of Fola

This post is long overdue. I’ve not posted here in a very long while which is not good at all, well let’s just say I’ve been a bit overwhelmed and I didn’t do a proper planning of posts bit this month will be different. I already have a number of posts in place. Every time I’m really consistent, it’s because I have actually planned ahead.

Life lately thoughts of Fola

I traveled to Abuja for two weeks and it was quite relaxing, I was home most of the time. I only went to church, busted family/friends and went to see a movie twice. Electricity was so stable I spent a lot of time watching tv and I’m not even a fan lol. I wasn’t looking forward to returning to Lagos at all.

Life lately thoughtso of Fola

I got back to a pretty full house in Lagos, I had an aunt and some cousins here and it just affected my privacy. I love to be alone. I wanted to get out of the house a lot but I only went out twice. Whenever I’m home, I’m always on about all the places I could go to but I never actually go out. I need help uh

Life lately thoughts of Fola

My birthday was on the thirtieth of last month and it was pretty amazing. I didn’t go out which was a first in a while. I just listened to music, watched tv, ate cake, chicken and pizza and drank wine.

Life lately thoughts of Fola

My sister graduated on the 4th of this month from Babcock University and it was a very interesting and fun day. I had a few friends who also graduated that day. I lost my phone which wasn’t funny at all, one of my friends called to ask if I cried. It was a bit painful but I’m a hard guy. I’m settling into this android life sha.

Life lately thoughts of fola

I had really wanted to post this since but a lot of things were against me. I have challenged myself to 21 days of healthy eating and exercise. Fit fam life! It hasn’t been going the best way but we move still. My no iPhone life hasn’t been very pretty, I miss my canva app and these android emoji are annoying.

Life lately thoughts of Fola

Didn’t know what pictures to accompany this post with so I felt I might as well just show off this purse *wink*. I think I should take an official break from blogging, my head hasn’t been in it lately.

Happy Weekend!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I apologize for my long break from the blog. Have an amazing weekend and leave your comments ❀❀


13 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. glowingscenes says:

    My first time here!! And I’d like to say happy birthday in arrears πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Wow, congrats to your sis. Wishing you many more celebrations in your home. The purse is really cute! Sorry about your phone loss. Hope your break also went well and I hope you’re taking life at your own pace. It is well with you dear. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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