CBIR | Her Mother’s Hope

CBIR Her mother's hope thoughts of Fola

Hiii. So if you don’t know, CBIR means Current Book I’m Reading and I wrote my first CBIR post on “Swimsuit – James Patterson” here.  You can go read it if you missed it.

CBIR Her mother's hope thoughts of Fola

This one is about “Her Mother’s Hope” the first book of “Marta’s Legacy” book series by Francine Rivers. I’ve not read a lot of her books but the few I’ve read have been amazing. Redeeming love would be my personal favourite. It’s a large book with 44 chapters and 483 pages so I’ve divided it into two parts and this will be about the first 22 chapters.


Steffisburg, Switzerland 1901. Marta loved Sundays, it was the only day Papa closed the shop and she got to wear her finest clothes but today was different. Marta wasn’t happy, she would have preferred to work in the shop alone. Papa had beaten her and there were bruises all over her body. Her father bear her a lot and called her ugly, her mother always told her to forgive him. He had also told her she couldn’t go to school anymore because she was a girl and it filled her with too much ambition. Papa found jobs for her.

CBIR Her mother's hope thoughts of Fola

Marta had spent two years working for the Beckers, Zimmers and Gilgans. Her father was sending her to a school where she would learn to be a proper servant, Rosie gifted her a journal to write her experiences. The school was in Bern, thanks to her sewing skills she was made to make the uniforms and got paid for it.

Once Marta got back, her father demanded she get a job to pay back the tuition fees. She got a job but soon moved away so she could get a better paying job. She got a job as an assistant cook, Papa sent Elise, Marta’s younger sister to the same school but she didn’t make it past three weeks and had to return. Papa sent her to work for a rich family, she was raped by the man and his son and sent a letter to Marta to come get her.

Marta moved to Montreux and promised to visit home, she found a job in a boarding house and loved it there. She learnt French. The owner of the boarding house had a baby. Marta received a letter from home, her mother had died and Elise had killed herself. She received a letter from her father asking her to return home. She moved to Paris.

CBIR Her mother's hope thoughts of Fola

She found no job in Paris and went to London. She worked as a maid for a nice elderly lady, Lady Daisy. Rosie got married. After 6 years Lady Daisy convinced her to move to Canada and hopefully she would find a husband.

She bought a house when she got to Canada and turned it to a boarding house. She liked one of her tenants, Niclas Waltert. They got married three months later. Niclas lost his job and had to move but Marta refused to move and stayed back, shortly after she found out she was pregnant.  She went to join Niclas after the baby was born, it was a baby boy and they named him Bernhard. She had a baby girl soon after, Hildemara. Hildemara was a weak and frail baby and Marta feared she’d be just like Elise and was always hard on her. They moved to Winnipeg

They had a daughter shortly after, Cloe. Niclas got a job at the locomotive works but he was very unhappy, he hated his job. Marta noticed it and felt guilty for making them come here. Niclas lost his job in Winnipeg and moved to Carlifornia.


Hildemara didn’t like the train ride to Carlifornia and was always sick. Bernhard and Hildemara started school, Bernie made friends easily but Hildie was always on her own. Hildie’s teacher picked on her a lot and ridiculed her because she was German. Marta had another baby, Rikka. Hildemara felt sad that her mother never spoke to her like she did her siblings, she was always harsh towards her.

CBIR Her mother's hope thoughts of Fola

They bought a land and now had their own place, Hildie was happy they had an orange tree. Marta had to get work at a bakery to support Niclas, the bakery was burnt down shortly after and the owners moved away.

One afternoon Hildie went to swim with her brother and his friends, they left her behind and she almost got raped but she ran and got away. She got home and told her mother, Marta was angry and went after him with a knife but he fled.

CBIR Her mother's hope thoughts of Fola

I’ll write about the second half and give my general thoughts about the book in another post soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, leave your comments and let me know what you think. Have an amazing weekend 💕💕



2 thoughts on “CBIR | Her Mother’s Hope

  1. glowingscenes says:

    Francine Rivers is one of my best authors and like you, Redeeming Love still has my heart. Gosh! I even cried while reading. I have this book you speak of but I’m yet to read it though you just revealed some spoilers. Lol.
    I read she even has an upcoming new release for next year. And I also did a review of her book Bridge to Haven on my blog which I wrote here: http://myglowingscenes.com/book-review-bridge-haven-francine-rivers/

    Liked by 1 person

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